Dance your life - live your dreams

What does biodanza mean to you?

"For me biodanza is an unique tool to get to op​en up for the best in us. Opening for playfulness, connection, joy, community and acceptance. Opening to the lifeforce of exploring and for a deep and wonderful lifeforce that lies beneath it all - just waiting for us to say yes, yes to ourselves, yes to dive into life just the way we are." Torill Aagren

"Biodanza has given me the opportunity to self-development on a deeper level. It has filled my life with more joy and given me the opportunity to live even stronger with myself and in the relationship with other people and with nature. Biodanza has also had a very positive impact on my physical health." Signe Katrine Måsø

The children say....

"Biodanza is one of the most fun thing I've done in my entire life. I want to do it again. It was crazy and fun and fantastic. I love biodanza because it was many crazy, funny and relaxing movements." Girl, age 9

"Biodanza was very much fun. We had a great time. We had a wonderful time. We laughed a lot. All the exercises where fun. It was a little bit embarrassing to dance two and two togehter. I got a little bit tired. It was very merry. Everybody thought it was funny." Boy, age 9

"This has been absolutely indescribable! Those moves and that creativity. I felt I was me. And specially the "waterdance" was marvellous. I had a smile on my mouth all the time." Girl, age 11

"It was fun, but also a little bit strange. I do not know why, but it was strange dances, but funny. I somehow reached into my inner myself. Effervescent - that's what I am!" Boy, age 11

The teachers say...

"Biodanza should have been a part of the daily school activity."

"I am very grateful for this wonderful experience together with the children. So great to share this with them."

The familymembers say....

"To explore biodanza with my daughter, my niece and the daughter of my cousin was really something. To move and to dance together with the children. I felt great love and gratitude. My daughter had to "share" her mum with two others and that was challenging for her. After biodanza we talked about this and both of us are now more aware of this feeling that lives in all of us. I also felt a tremendous feeling of freedom and happiness. To move some of my borders felt good. Thank you biodanza!" Bente Opheim, mother and aunt

"I had a good feeling inside of me when I danced with my mother and my cousin. It was very fun to dance and it was great. I had many nice feelings inside of me. I would like to do more biodanza. I would like to dance more with my mother and my friends." Ida, age 9, daugther and cousin


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