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Biodanza with children

Biodanza with children follows the concept of Biodanza, supports the authentic identity development of children, encourages them in their personal expression and communication with each other.

This is great fun and the children love it! They play, interact, dance, are creative and empowered, laugh a lot and learn to take care of each other.

Some of the benefits from Biodanza with children:

physical and mental wellbeing improves

self-esteem and confidence are strengthened

they cooperate better

they feel safer

the feeling of belonging increases

self-esteem increases

the children experience unity

they get to use their imagination and develop their creativity

the children are being seen and valued for who they are

tolerance increases

respect for themselves and others increases

they experience joy

the children develop the ability to give and receive and to create a balance between these

they become familiar with their own limits

the children learn to act with feedback

they get a better relationship with their own body

expressing feelings through dance and learning how to cope with different feelings

they learn to make contact with others

concentration increases

violent behavior decreases

the children get a more open attitude and are more open to contact with others