Dance your life - live your dreams

My name is Frid Langsrud. I was born in Norway in 1973. Since the summer of 2015 I am living in Lisboa, Portugal.

I am graduated from the Norwegian School of Biodanza, Rolando Toro system. I work with adults, children and families. I have extentions in: Biodanza with children, teenagers and families, Identity and Self-esteem, Identity and the four Elements, Biodanza and Neo-Shamanism, Biodanza and profound Femininity and Masculinity. I am a didactic teacher within Biodanza. I also have 16 years of experience as a teacher in the Norwegian public schoolsystem, where I mainly have been working with teenagers.

For me biodanza is a way of saying more yes to all that life has to offer. To feel life, to live life through all my senses, with intensity and sensitivity, pleasure and passion.

Biodanza is the most important tool I have ever met. It has given me access to levels of my identity and to the wonders of life that I only could dream of before, and aspects that I was not even capable to dream of. It has helped me a lot to live from my heart, to live much more of my full potential and to fulfill my dreams. Since I first read about it, before even trying it, I knew that this was what I had been searching for.

I met biodanza in 2011 and when I started I immediately felt that I wanted to share this with the world, to bring this immence joy and happiness further to others. I feel very grateful for my life and for being able to enjoy and to teach biodanza.