Dance your life - live your dreams

What is Biodanza?

Biodanza is a world-wide system for human development that integrates music, movements and authentic human connections to expand our capacity to live in the present moment. It's about saying YES to life. Biodanza is often called "The Dance of Life".

Biodanza is designed to increase human health and consciousness, to expand participants joy and vitality, and to develop our human potentials.

Biodanza is about being more present in your life - to live in the present moment, not in the past nor in the future. To put life in the center of life, to live life through your senses - to taste, to see, to listen, to smell and to feel life.

We use all kinds of music from all over the world and the music is very important in biodanza. The music is the medium that helps us to evoke different emotions and each song that is used is specifically chosen.

No steps are to be learned. In Biodanza movement emerges as a natural expression of your true self. The biodanza facilitator invites you to do different dances and exercises to connect to your joy, your playfullness, your creativity, your sensitivity, your power, your love, your compassion, your empathy and your full potential. You get to know yourself better, your borders, where to put limits on what you do not want in your life and where to open more. We learn about respect, selfrespect and respect for others, acceptance and tolerance.

The main thing in life is to feel valued - just for being yourself, who you are is enough. This is the aim of biodanza. To dance and to live your authentic expression, exactly from that state where you are in each moment, because we change, all the time, from moment to moment. It's about expressing our huge potential that we all have as human beings. We have such an enormous capacity to live a marvellous life full of joy and happiness. Biodanza helps us to open more up for the capacity to be able to see, to discover and to really appreciate the small - big things in life.

The history of biodanza

It is created by Rolando Toro (1924-2010) from Chile in the 1960's. He was a medical anthropologist, artist and psychologist.

Biodanza is founded in i.a. physiology, psychology, biology, philosophy, existential questions, art, poetry and music. It mixes sience, art and love.

"It's not enough to survive, we need to dare to live."

Rolando Toro

The vivencia - a biodanzasession

A biodanza session is called a vivencia. The word vivencia comes from Spanish vivir which means to live. It's about living the present moment with intensity.

The vivencia lasts about two hours. The biodanza facilitator leads the participants through different dances and excercises linked up to varying themes. Throughout a vivencia the participants do dances on three different levels: with him or herself, with someone else and with the whole group.

During the classes the participants are invited to express only through/with bodylanguage and not to talk, to let the words rest for a while.

 A video showing what Biodanza is: